Donna’s Story

Two years ago, at age 56,  I was headed on a downward spiral health-wise.  I weighed 190 pounds, led a very sedentary life, my cholesterol was high (even on medication), and my blood pressure was borderline.  The crowning blow came when my husband and I were on vacation with my son and his family.  I was mortified that it took too two adults to help me get back into our boat from the water!  I had virtually no upper body strength and flexibility.  Inspired by my daughter-in-law who had tremendous success working with a trainer at the gym I made an appointment to see about joining a gym and signing up for personal training.  I had belonged to a gym before but found every excuse in the book not to go, eventually giving up the membership.  This time, I figured that if someone was waiting on me at the gym – like an appointment –  I’d be more likely to show up.  When I was speaking with the person  in charge of assigning a trainer to me I mentioned that my favorite exercise was dancing.  He immediately paired me with Teresa.  Looking back I realize that was one of the defining moments in my life.

Teresa and I just celebrated two years of working together on both diet and exercise.  This is the longest period of time in my life since high school that I have kept up an exercise routine.  Teresa is constantly mixing it up and challenging me so I never get bored.  I have lost twenty pounds – two clothing sizes,  my cholesterol is within a healthy range and my blood pressure is 120/70!  Other benefits include having fewer aches and pains, more flexibility and improved balance.  I also discovered how good exercise is for stress.  I now look forward to getting off work and going to the gym.

This past January, because I felt I could handle it physically and because of the increased confidence I have in myself, I signed up for a dance class.  At 58 I would have told you those years had passed, but I’ve discovered I still have a lot of living to do!

I still have goals I need to achieve.  I would like to lose another twenty pounds.  With Teresa’s help  and encouragement I have no doubt it can be done.  She has taught me the goal is not the dress size but healthy living through diet and exercise.

By the way – I can get up into the boat by myself now!

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