Posterior Chain

Let’s talk back

I mean your BACK side. Rear delts, rotator cuff, traps, rhomboids, erector spine, shoulder blades, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and even the back of your heels. Now, when you think about it, most injuries occur on our back side, the posterior chain. Rotator cuff injuries, shoulder injuries, low back pain, piriformis, hamstring, calf strain, and even Achilles heel. Ouch! Most strains are caused by muscle strength imbalances and lack of flexibility in doing our normal daily activities. Just a simple move like stepping off a curb can trigger a shooting pain up your leg, or a loss of balance.

In order to alleviate some of these injuries, we need to think about muscle balance. Your front side, the anterior chain, is strong. We are constantly working those muscles just by walking, running, stairs, and any other activity that propels us forward in that sagittal plane. So, let’s work on the back side. Let’s do shoulder exercises and take some postural assessments. Low back, glutes and hamstrings need to be strengthened. Oh, and don’t forget to stretch your calves. Most people have very tight calf muscles, and these are the muscles that help us do our squats, lunges, sprinting, and any quick agility movements. If these muscles are tight, they will inhibit our movement pattern, and may cause a muscular imbalance.

This, of course, is a very generic example of what we can do to alleviate injury to the posterior chain. There are exercises and stretches too numerous to mention in this short blurb. If you are interested in knowing more about specific exercises or stretches for strengthening the posterior chain, please contact me. I’ll happy to help!


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