Visceral Fat

Visceral Fat

AKA beer-belly fat.  Even if you don’t drink beer…it’s the fat fat.  We must fight it.  This fat is causing metabolic syndrome:  Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, pulmonary disease, high cholesterol, obesity.  If you have at least three of these diseases, you have metabolic syndrome.  You can overcome this…exercise, eat healthy, stay positive.  It’s a lifestyle change.  Do it for yourself.  You deserve it.

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The American Heart Association recommends we should walk at least 10,000 steps a day or about 5 miles per day to improve our health and fitness.  Studies have shown that inactivity increases your risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.  It’s time to start tracking our fitness.  Get a pedometer, write down your activities, and write down your foods.  All of this will help you through your weight-loss journey.  Check the New York Times link below about a study relating walking and Type 2 diabetes.  If you need some help getting started in your walking program or staying motivated, message me.  I can help.

Try Out Personal Training at ACAC!

ACAC Charlottesville offers a Six-Day Taste of Training at their Albemarle Square location.  It’s a 30-minute group training session meeting over six days in the mornings from October 8 through 13, or in the afternoons from October 15-20.  Each group is limited to 15 people, so sign up now to guarantee a spot.  It’s available to both members and non-members of ACAC.

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Kettlebell Swing Challenge!

Come on gang, it’s October and the next three months have been proven to wreak havoc on our eating and working-out time.  We should get a head start by challenging ourselves each month with exercise and healthy eating.
For October, we’ll start with the kettlebell.  Let’s do ONE HUNDRED SWINGS A DAY FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF OCTOBER.   STARTING NOW!!!!
At the end on the last day of October, we will have done 3,100 swings!  This will be an amazing start to help us “warmup” for our January challenge, which is 10,000 swings for the month of January!
Do your swings at home or at the gym.  Break them up into to 25 swings 4x daily or 50 swings 2x daily.  It’s up to you!  Your swings should be done with proper form, so please ask me or another kettlebell-trained instructor to help you.
Have fun!  You will be burning calories and working on strength and cardio at the same time – what a great workout!
Let me know how it goes – I am happy to track your progress if you want and please message me with your thoughts throughout the month.  Looking forward to hearing from you!