Ashley’s Story

Four months ago, if you had asked me if my life would be any different now, I would have said probably not.  I worked, I volunteered, I hung out with friends…life was good.  But still somewhere inside, there was a nagging feeling of discontent.   It had been there all along, but I was good at ignoring it.  Finally, through a few random conversations with friends and family (some good, some bad), I realized that my discontent was with how I looked.  I was overweight, out of shape and doing nothing to change that.  That night, I sent an email to my trainer Teresa (who I had met maybe a month or two before) saying that I wanted to lose weight and was vowing to exercise at least three times a week .   My heart stopped when I sent the email — it wasn’t easy to share that part of me — but it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.  Thankfully, she embraced that challenge and vowed to help me.   It was the start of something bigger than I ever could have imagined.  And it was the beginning of me being happy with me.

Through great advice and support of Teresa and other friends, I changed what and when I eat, got in an exercise routine and challenged myself in ways I never expected I could.   I’ve been able to see both drastic and subtle changes in my health and abilities and it makes me feel good.   I actually have biceps…who knew?  I’m doing push ups and hovers with “ease” (comparatively speaking, except when Teresa decides to change it up to torture me!)  I’m doing pull ups.  WTH?  Sometimes it’s just the little things, but it makes it so worth it!  And it makes me smile.

Now, four months later (and 31 pounds lighter), life isn’t just good, it’s great.  I still work, volunteer and enjoy time with my friends, but I’ve fit ME into my schedule.  I go to the gym at least 6 days out of the week and enjoy the time I spend pushing my body hard and forgetting about all the things going on “outside.”  I run into folks I haven’t seen in a while who notice the changes and compliment me — asking how I did it — and it makes me smile.  It hasn’t been easy.  I’ve had great weeks and really bad weeks (and still do), but the overall picture is the same…I’m healthier now than I have been (ever?) and that makes me happy.  The biggest part is that I’m not finished, but am just beginning the journey.   I look forward to new challenges and successes, overcoming obstacles and struggles, celebrating triumphs and most importantly being healthy and loving life.


Core Challenge!

Here’s a new challenge for the month of November – CORE CHALLENGE – 30 push-ups, 30 sit-ups, and a 1-minute plank every day for 30 days.  You can break it up into sets if you like (morning, noon, and night, for example), it’s up to you, just as long as you get all 30 in each day plus the 1-minute plank.

Sit-ups can be crunches or old school feet-under-the-couch.  As for push-ups, remember, there are no such thing as “girl push-ups,” they’re called modified push-ups!  Do what feels good for you.

Are you ready?