Happy September!


I’m back! And finally getting my act together to write again. This writing stuff is hard – so much to say, so little time to say it.

Also, it’s time to get back on track. Summer is over, the children are back to school, and you need your routine. Right? I mean, AM I RIGHT? So, to begin, the September Challenge is The Scientific 7-Minute Workout, posted in the New York Times Magazine recently. Do this workout two-to-three times weekly, at a rate of perceived exertion (see chart) of 7-8, and log it. RPE I want to know how it’s going. It’s seven minutes, and it should be seven uncomfortable minutes, if you’re working it. So, work it. You can do this at home or at the gym. I’ve seen many people bring this in to the gym to work on it and I’ve tried it on some of my clients. It’s fast, fun, and furious!

Here are my feet and a step and we are going to rock out some freestyle choreography. I love teaching a choreostep class. I feel so alive and free when moving to the beat of my own choreography.

So, I’m always looking for different, good foods and, of course, we are trying to keep it as healthy as possible, so after scrolling through a TON of blogs, I found the following things I’ve tried and want to try. My favorites so far:

Raw cookie dough balls
Cashew Cream (I tweaked it by using almond milk and agave nectar.)
Baked Chicken Thighs (I used lemon instead of lime – amazing!)

I want to try these:

Flourless Squash Cookies
Every mug cake on the planet, but especially this one:
Raspberry Mug Cake (I absolutely cannot wait to make this!)

Feel free to try these recipes and tell me what you think.

0988I’m going to see this cutie pie in the middle of September. I cannot wait to see her! I miss my baby girl (who is most definitely not a baby). She is living life (and by living life, I mean working hard) in the big city of Chicago and we are certainly going to “hit the town” when I get there. She starts working on her next show, Hello, Dolly! at Drury Lane Theatre at the end of this month.



And last, but definitely, not least, I am taking a Wellness Seminar in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). We all know that CAM therapies were practiced as a way of healing in Eastern civilization long before Western medicine was ever in the picture. And, now that healthcare costs are constantly on the rise, people are looking more towards alternative medicine to help them deal with their health issues in a more cost-efficient way. Do you use alternative methods to heal? Such methods could be acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, or spiritual. There are many, many other methods of complementary alternative medicine therapies. I am curious to know what you use.

I’ll keep in touch and you do as well. Bring it on September, we can do this!

Stay strong!

PS: I love this pic! It was taken at Drury Lane Theatre in Chicago in November 2012, when Allyson was doing the show Singin’ In the Rain. And, of course, she was wonderful. We are so proud.

Drury Lane