Look, nutrition is 80% of trying to lose weight.  We can do all of the cardio and crunches we want but if we don’t change the way we eat, we won’t see the results.  It took me forever to realize this for myself.  Duh.  I think about food constantly: What am I going to eat, where can I get something healthy (if I didn’t pack), is it enough protein, less sugar, light on the carbs, blah, blah, blah.  I know we all think the same when we are trying to “watch” what we eat.  Again, I lost body fat, not muscle by changing the way I eat.  I cut out the heavy carbs at night.  My only carbs were from vegetables.  I increased my protein throughout the day, ate my heavier meals earlier in the day, DRANK TONS OF WATER, and cut out sugars and most processed foods.  It worked for me.  It’s not going to work for everybody, but I bet we can tweak some things in your diet to find the right balance that will work.  Talk to me, let’s figure out when, where and why we have the trouble spots in your diet are and we can work on them.

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