December Madness

Drury Lane Lunch Hello Dolly Show Curtain

Wow – where did November go? It was just a whirlwind. We went to visit our daughter in Chicago this past week. She is in Hello, Dolly! at Drury Lane and it was fabulous. As you know, we are very proud. At the theatre, we ate a huge Thanksgiving feast on Thursday, drank Mimosas, and rolled our stuffed selves into our seats to watch the show.

Harris FamilyWe stayed with Greg’s parents, who graciously bought us dinner, gave us a roof over our heads for a few days, and then made a terrific non-traditional Thanksgiving meal on Black Friday. It was a great week.




Albemarle SkyLook what we came home to…the fiery skies of Charlottesville, Virginia. Beautiful!





willpowerSo back to reality…you know it’s going to be important for us to put our WILLPOWER hats on for this month. I mean holiday foods are made with nothing but sugar and alcohol, right? Not all of them. There are tons of healthy recipes out there for you to try. Just try them.

Pumpkin PieMake a new healthy recipe or revamp an old one by making it healthier (here is one I did on a whim). I bet you’ll like it, I bet your family will like it, and I bet no one but you will know or needs to know it’s good for you! One other thing to keep in mind, especially for this month, is to move, move, move more. Try to incorporate more exercise this month. You know you’re going to eat a bit more than normal (we don’t want to be rude, right?) so why not move a bit more. Add just 10 – 15 more minutes to your exercise routine. Take a nice brisk walk, it’ll clear your mind, and burn calories. AND do the December challenge! For the December challenge, let’s do the following HOLIDAY 1,2,3,2,1 every day for 31 days:








Are you in? Are you ready to take on the December challenge of wearing your willpower hat all month, moving more, and trying a new, healthy recipe this month? You can do this. You are strong. Here are a few links of things I thought were interesting along with a few recipes to start off your healthy recipe challenge. Let me know how it goes. I love trying new things and I know you will too.

How easy can it get?
I made these using walnuts. They were amazing and did not get hard and crispy. They also didn’t last very long in my house…
This is my new raw cranberry sauce. I used 5 dates because I needed a bit more sweetness. I ate the whole thing.

I’m making this next…

I really do feel this is true.

Good tips.

I thought this was a good read.

Great ideas!

What blogs do you read? What’s interesting to you? I’d love to hear.