Oh, sweet November, you’re here already.  Now it’s crunch time before the holidays hit.  It’s going to be busy month – I mean, look at what all of November has for us to celebrate.  Why not get jumpstart on this crazy season by getting healthier, stronger, and fitter now?

For your November challenge, two things:

  1. Write down everything you eat and drink for 30 days.  Keep a food journal, write down every single thing you put in your mouth.  Don’t lie about it, don’t forget the samples at Sam’s, and it’s even important to write down the last bit of food left on your kid’s plates that you end up scarfing.  Studies have proven that keeping a food journal helps people to avoid mindless eating.  Many of my clients have had luck with the fitbook.
  2. LUNGES.  LUNGES.  LUNGES.  WARMUP FIRST and then do 20 lunges with proper form on each leg x 3 sets.  Mix it up some.  Do reverse lunges, side lunges, around the world lunges, or jumping lunges.  Any type of lunges, any time of day (one set in the morning, lunch lunges, and then after dinner lunges, if you’d like).

You can do this!  Make a commitment to yourself and stay focused.  This is your time, your health, your one and only beautiful body.  Treat it right.

Stay strong!