October? October!

(pic from my hubby)

Yes, it’s October – and I just need to deal.  I have no choice but to deal.  It’s going to be a busy next few months.  Number one – the gym.  Clients need to get prepared for the holidays.  Think (always) about cleaning up your diet (always), keep a food journal, and move, move, move.  If you get a head start on the holidays, then the temptations won’t be as, well, you know, tempting, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Number two – the holidays are coming.  I HATE SAYING THIS IN OCTOBER, but it’s true.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa.  It’s all on its merry little way and we must be prepared.  I am going to explore a lot of DIY gifts this year (since we can’t count on our government to keep our economy stable at this moment).   Can you believe this shutdown?  Oh my.

Number three – the new Les Mills releases are here and it’s going to be a choreography cramming session.  I need to get BodyPump, BodyStep, GRIT, and CXWorx in my head.  So much to do in October!

Number four – R.I.P.P.E.D. is in the house as well.  We are launching the new moves and music next week.   Chorey cramming never-ending!

Number five – October challenge.  I’ve been thinking about how to keep you motivated the next few months.  I would like for you to concentrate on getting at least 10,000 steps a day.  We’ve done this challenge before, but it’s important now, more than ever; especially since the holidays (ugh) are soon to be upon us.  Get a pedometer – you can find them cheap.  I love my fitbit, but it’ll cost you about $99.

Okay, that’s it.  Time to get moving.  Before I go, here are a few links I love and want to share:

Sweet Potato Mug Muffin?  From the Lean Green Bean.  I will make this!
Prancercise is back!  Yoga style.  Oh my.  This should make my yogi’s cringe.
Roasted Buddha Bowl from Oh She Glows.  The best tasting veggie bowl, hands down.  Loved it.

As I write this I am enjoying my dinner of two fried eggs, soy sausages, and pumpkin ale.

I love breakfast for dinner (except for the ale, of course).  Try it.  It’s low carb, high protein, and it makes you feel a little like a rebel!

Stay Strong!


I remember taking my first BodyPump class.  I was all determined to hit those weights hard, show off in front of the instructor with heavier than normal weights and, afterwards, was totally pumped that I absolutely rocked the class.  Then 24 hours hit, and I was toast.  I couldn’t walk down the stairs without my eyes tearing.  My triceps felt like they were ripping apart every time I lifted my arms.  In addition, trying to make any sudden rotations with my body was not an option.  I was hurting.  I kept thinking, I will NEVER set foot in that class again, but soon realized I couldn’t wait to get back.

Why was that?  Why did I want to go back and do that to my body again?  I mean, I was physically beat after my first class, but mentally, I had to do it.  I loved exercising with a group of people doing the same thing, and I wanted to be a part of that group.  I wanted to experiment with my weights, learn better technique, and I loved the excitement the music created within the classroom.  It also helped that the instructor was awesome.  After six months of getting my butt beat by the BodyPump instructors, I realized I wanted to learn to teach this as well.  I was already teaching classes, but wanted to add a resistance class to the mix.  So, after passing a two-weekend workshop and a video audition, I finally became a BodyPump instructor in 1999.

BodyPump is one of the most popular Les Mills programs.  The premise is using lighter weights but more repetitions, which is something every body type can do.  A typical class, depending on your effort, will burn approximately 250 – 600 calories, and the best part is you work your entire body in 55 minutes.  Not bad, huh?

If you want to learn more about BodyPump, check the link below.  Message me with any questions you have.  Remember, I’ve been there.  I was in the back row of class too, and I survived.  I know you will too.  Come try it.